Adept Research has been working with us for two years. Being in the energy saving products market, we needed a market research agency that could think laterally for us in an emerging market. During that time Adept Research provided us with perceptive and valuable qualitative market research results that still influences our marketing today. In addition Adept Research followed this up with a very well constructed marketing plan that has helped us to implement the research findings. We are pleased to recommend Adept Research to any potential client.
--Empower -Smart Energy savings

Adept Research is a preferred supplier of market research services to Gas Energy Australia and in recent years has provided us with high quality qualitative focus group research, together with detailed quantitative survey market research, on both the automotive and stationary LPG markets.
--Gas Energy Australia

We have worked with Adept Research on several projects of the past ten years. From in-depth focus groups, online and one on one research projects. Duncan is quick to understand our brief and the outcomes we are looking for. He can take a global view and bring this into a perspective of what that means to our business. We have no hesitation in recommending Duncan and his services to any client who requires market research services.
--Gunnersens Pty Ltd

Adept Research provided us with the confidence to proceed with a complete rebrand and targeted communications and fundraising strategy which is currently being rolled out today. We found Duncan to be thorough, knowledgeable and highly professional in all his dealings with us and would highly recommend Adept Research as a market research provider.
--Child & Family Services Ballarat (CAFS).

Adept Research guided us through our first formal stakeholder feedback research project, and we found the service to be very thorough.
Duncan was extremely professional and attentive, and had no hesitation going above and beyond our initial expectations.
--South Haven Property Group

Adept Research was engaged by the Custom Number Plates business within VicRoads in two seperate occasions to provide detailed market and customer research. Duncan completed both assignments with a high degree of professionalism in a timely manner. Pleasingly, Duncan was able to reveal several important insights into our market and customers that has since guided our business planning.

Case Studies

1. Mars Confectionary
Before founding Adept Research, Duncan Buchanan produced a breakthrough qualitative report into the mind set of school fundraising for Mars Confectionary, the impact of which still influences marketing into this sector today.

In the fundraising market we were trying to enter, Duncan's report showed us that the "gatekeepers" were the key to our success. They were the real target market.
--MARS Confectionary.

2. Unique Micro Design
Our web survey in 2000 was one of the first business to business studies done on line in Australia. From this we identified that while UMD had a wide range of products available for its customers, only a small portion of this range were being purchased on regular basis. We recommended that UMD expand its marketing communication and as a result this situation was corrected.

Adept Research found a weakness in our business that we were not aware of. We have since turned it around so that it is one of our major strengths. That alone justified the research that they did for us. In addition, Adept Research gave us clarity. We now are starting to really understand our customers. Their web based survey delivered everything we wanted.
--Unique Micro Design.

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