In Depth Interviews (B2B and B2C)

We find these very suitable when only a one on one interviewing approach will work.

A good example of this is when we started with a focus group on kitchen splashbacks for Gunnersens Pty Ltd and then expanded into a series of in-depth interviews with people inside their own kitchens. This generated real consumer insights as these people were in their natural environment and could point out specific features that were important to them.

We always provide a set of conclusions, recommendations and action items for you.

Focus Groups (B2C)

Some good reasons to consider using focus groups:

They are a very flexible research method to find out why people do things.

They can provide valuable consumer insights and clarity across any topic.

Focus groups can come up with ideas none of us would have thought of.


From our experience, we have found that conducting 3-4 focus groups has been the most effective way to obtain actionable insights for our clients.

Below are successful examples of this approach:

For all of our reports we review the data collected thoroughly to ensure we don't miss something that may appear to be a minor issue, but in fact is a pointer to a far more important conclusion.

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